About Us

RCA or Royal Cleaning Australia has great hands-on experience in the cleaning industry and have all the knowhow to render the best services possible.

For our work, we engage the best service personnel and we offer them good on-the-job training before they are assigned work, and we use the best, branded and safe cleaning materials and products which is aptly aided by good equipment to make the whole process easier and smoother too.

And all of this is ably supported by a good, hands-on, proactive management and supervision at our end and we adhere to absolute quality and offer complete service too.

Though our service caters to what you seek or expect, we design our services on what we would expect, if we were the customer. And this is mirrored or features in the superlative services we offer.

When it comes to work, there is no compromise whatsoever and likewise, we do not compromise on your health because we value it just like ours.

And what are our key takeaways where Royal Cleaning Australia stands out or is making a difference?

  • For starters, our service quality and the final results are noticeable and outstanding.
  • And the time spent by our professional cleaners is directly proportional to the cost-effectiveness. Wherein, we observe timeliness, stick to the timeline needed to complete the job on hand and also our prices are competitive.
  • Being thoroughbred professionals, interacting with us or our staff members is pretty easy and straightforward. We can be relied upon and have proven to be dependable and trustworthy.
  • Whatever work we undertake we ensure that we give you back a clean, working environment.
  • With good training, commitment, and dedication we offer the highest industry standards.

Take the phone now and call Royal Cleaning Australia or RCA today, so we can attend to all your cleaning needs in the next instance! Call us on 0410 363 417 or write to us at our IDs info@royalclean.net.au or sam.silva@jimscleaning.net.au.

Call for a FREE QUOTE – (041) 036-3417

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